Pre-U Revision material: last update March 2018

Easter Revision CD

You can download a .zip version of the Easter revision pack here

But please note that it is better to get this from the School's Firefly if you can.

Pre-U Revision Papers

5th year internal mock exam papers

These are links to the January 2016 mock exam papers. There is a multiple choice paper 1 and a structured exam paper 2. You will see that markschemes are also available.

Pre-U "Mimic" papers

These are some papers produced by the Physics department for revision purposes. They are not past papers but are designed to be like past papers - hence "mimic" papers.

A few supplementary revision notes

The syllabus

The Pre-U syllabus; and here is the Compressed folder of cross-references between the syllabus and the textbook by Adams and Allday

Christmas Revision CD

If your copy has been lost or is malfunctioning you may wish to download this .zip version of the Christmas revision CD.

Some model answers for questions on the Christmas CD

The Physics section of the CD contains, as well as the 2012 mock and markscheme, a PDF of assorted revision questions entitled "V1 Xmas Revision".

The following are some model answers for these, in the form of JPEGs.

Question 1.17 Question 1.18 Question 1.20 Question 1.21 Question 1.33 (part a) Question 1.33 (part b)

Question 2.25 and 2.26 (parts a,b,c) Question 2.26 (part d) Question 2.40 (parts a,b) Question 2.40 (parts c,d)

Question 4.19 Question 4.20 Question 4.21

Question 8.34 (part a) Question 8.34 (part b) Question 8.34 (part c)